Paul Huf

Short Story Telling

"Ich beobachte meine Umgebung und nehme Bezug darauf. Aus der Beobachtung entsteht die Idee und aus der Idee die Story. Meine Werkzeuge sind die Kamera, der Zeichenstift und das geschriebene Wort."
"I observe my surroundings and refer to them. My observations produce ideas and the ideas lead to stories. My tools are the camera, the pencil and the written word."

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Infra_Beuys - A series of art projects referring to "zeige deine Wunde" by Joseph Beuys - together with Lars Mentrup

You have to be as cool as Alain Delon - Ongoing art project with refugees

Freiheitsbäume - Video documentary is now online

Public art project "Freiheitsbäume" - together with Lars Mentrup

"Eine Forschungsreise wider das Vergessen" - together with Lars Mentrup

Slideshow "Eine Forschungsreise wider das Vergessen" on YouTube - Impressions of a journey tracing the Holocaust deportation routes of jewish citizens of Munich

Impressum Imprint